These are the common symptoms a child suffers when he or she should be considered to be evaluated for ADD or ADHD

Common causes to be linked with this disorder :

Common triggers : The following when consumed often increases the intensity of the symptoms.

DSM-IV criteria for ADHD

We make a diagnosis of ADD when 6 or more symptoms of INATTENTIVENESS is observed for 6 months disturbing development

When 6 or more of the following symptoms of HYPERACTIVITY have been present for at least 6 months affecting development.


ADHD, COMBINED Type :  When both criteria 1A and 1B are met for the past 6 months

ADHD Predominantly INATTENTIVE Type : When criterion 1A is met but criterion 1B is not met for the past 6 months

ADHD, Predominantly HYPERACTIVE IMPULSIVE Type : Where Criterion 1B is met but Criterion 1A is not met for the past 6 months.

Role of Homeopathy

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