Autism Spectrum Dissorder

Autism is a complex developmental disorder where kids suffer from poor or complete lack of communication skills, poor or complete lack of eye contact, poor socializing capacity, being lost in their own world and repetitive behavior.

Autistic children tend to suffer from many physical conditions like frequent infections, constipation or Diarrhea as well, because of error in metabolic pathways and mal-absorption, various deficiencies tend to be common in these kids.

Autism along with Asperger’s  syndrome and PDD- NOS forms  a  spectrum called  ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorders

In Aspergers there is restricted and stereo type behavior with motor clumsiness but no delay in communication and cognitive development. It is likely to be due to Genetic reasons like Autism where brain mapping shows non specific structural differences when compared  to normal kids.

PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) : Even though symptoms seem related they are milder than Autism and some are present and some of the typical Autistic symptoms are absent.

There are various possible causes observed for these diseases but nothing is established as yet. Some of the more accepted ones are as follows:


It in one thing to know about a disease and talk volumes and theorize but from a parents perspective it is the solution that matters most.

Homeopathy : works on the principles of "Likes Cure Likes". This is exactly like vaccines where a low potency virus when injected in body gives you protection from the same virus when encountered. We have thousands of remedies in Homeopathy prepared from various material and are capable of producing various kind of immune response which can be used for treating any disorder.

Autism treatment has to be holistic covering all aspects.

Broadly it can be done as follows.

  1. Speech & Behavioral therapy : one must continue to engage the kids with quality speech and behavioral therapy as these kids lack the ability to learn spontaneously..
  2. Supplements and detoxification of body. Since they suffer from deficiencies they will regularly need supplement. In fact because in some kids there is excess gut permeability causing "Leaky Gut". These kids show significant improvement when we remove "Gluten" and "Casein" from their diet. What is now popular as "GFCF" diet.
  3. Finally, treatment with Homeopathic medicines. It is described in detail below

Using Homeopathy we can effect changes under following categories.

Homeopathy applied correctly with continuous Speech and Behaviour therapy can definitely help Autistic children in a big way.

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