Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal MBBS, MF(HOM) LONDON.

CEASE Therapy

Developed by Late Dr. Tinus Smits, where the basic premise is to treat ill effect of Vaccines, Mercury, Antibiotics etc using Homeopathic ( Isopathic ) remedies made from the same like - DPT, MMR vaccines, Antibiotics etc.

These remedies thus applied following Homeopathic principles, are called Isopathic remedies. Dr. Smits had written a book : "Autism beyond despair" detailing about his concept, observation during treatment and usefulness of CEASE therapy for children with Autism.

All parents with Autisic children should read the book so that it becomes easier for them to follow it when the children go through the treatment. After treating many children using these therapy, I have observed many of them positively responding to these remedies ! The response usually leads to movement of disease from more important plane to less important plane; from mental plane to emotional plane and then to physical plane. During this process the child becomes emotionally vulnerable and has more negative behaviours like anger, weeping etc, yet develops clarity on mental plane. The emotional out burst like anger, crying can be very overwhelming, however these are transient and go away slowly. In addition to Isopathic remedies made from vaccines I also use other Homeopathic remedies to support the Isopathic remedies as well as to control too much out burst on emotional symptoms.

Other then vaccines, the concept of CEASE therapy includes removing ill effect of chemicals like: Anaesthetic agents, Pitossin, Plastic softeners, Antibiotics etc.

The concept of CEASE therapy does not exclude the need for therapies - treatment using Isopathic remedies only helps to enhance the effectiveness of various therapies as the child becomes more connected and aware of his surrounding, therefore able to learn more from the same amount of teaching efforts during various therapies. In simple words, "giving CEASE therapy makes other therapies more effective".