Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal MBBS, MF(HOM) LONDON.

Homeopathy for Old Age

Ageing is natural and inevitable. This happens due to gradual reduction in elasticity of blood vessels and deposits of fat, resulting in reduction in blood supply causing slowing down and inefficiency of organs. Heart attack is a classic example. However multiple external factors can greatly accelerate this process. Faulty life style, Mental emotional stress on account of family problems, retirement, building a house, childrens education / marriage to name a few.

Poor nutritional status on account of deficient intake of quality food.To treat them only based on their symptoms is - peace meal approach. Righteously, treating the whole human being is far more effective.

I always believed in attending the emotional issues while attending their physical issues. Invariably in my experience when this "Whole approach" is applied, it is very well received and appreciated. Another important and effective issue is to recognise and detox major organs like Liver. By using organ stimulating treatment we greatly enhance their functions and have a strong impact on overall health of the individual. It is not difficult to imagine if we detox and improve functioning of major organs and attend their joints with muscle toning and physiotherapy, a significant improvement can be made in the quality of life of our parents.