Dr. Deepak K Tibrewal MBBS, MF(HOM) LONDON.

Homeopathy for Womens Health

Nature has designed women with complex organs and a more capable physiology. This bestows them with the capacity to procreate. However this complex design and functioning makes them vulnerable to diseases.

Factors which affect them most are mental and emotional stress, pregnancy, menopause and faulty lifestyle.

Mental and Emotional Stress

The Pituitary is the master gland which controls all the Hormone producing glands like the Thyroid, Ovaries, Adrenal glands etc. Since Pituitary is wired with the brain, mental and emotional negativity like worries, anger, sadness, jealousy etc disturb its normal functioning. Once the master gland is disturbed all other glands are also disturbed, resulting in various dysfunctions and diseases.

Common causes which leads to mental and emotional negativity are :

Children going out to study / work

It triggers a lot of anxiety and insecurities leading to worries. These worriess should be adequately counselled and allowed proper ventilation. Lack of that results in stress build up.

Children Marriages

Then their marriage bringing in either a Daughter-in-law or Son-in-law or both. A women goes through a lot of adjustments specially with her Daughter-in-law. It is a common feeling world over when a mother has to share her son with another women and the heartburn it causes.

Children Ignoring Parents

Parents being ignored by their children after education and marriage.

Husband Retiring

Many times retired husbands behave like children who need to be managed. Need not write the impact of that on a women’s life.

Reproductive System Physiology


It is a challenging physiological process which most women experience at some point in their life. During pregnancy a women accommodates 12-15 kg of weight, 70 % of this weight is water. Hence they accommodate so much extra fluid resulting in over stretching causing Hypotension / Hypertension, Piles, Lower back pain etc. Some women experiences frequent headaches post pregnancy. All these complains can be addressed with the idea of reversing theses changes using Homeopathy.


Menopause is the 2nd most important physiological event in a women’s life. Why? Because unlike menarche and pregnancy, it results due to lowering of oestrogen in body. Since Oestrogen is responsible for bone health and also protects women from fatty degeneration ( Heart attack ) of blood vessels, lowering of Oestrogen therefore creates many problems like Osteo-Arthritis of Knee etc. Hence proper Homeopathic treatment can greatly reduce the risk of developing Osteo-Arthritis, Constipation, non-specific lower back aches etc.


Nutrition: it has become a global issue as more and more hybrid food, increased use of fertilisers and pesticides and poor understanding of nutritional fact not to mention food fads affect us. An example; a recent study suggests; > 95% Indians are Vitamin D deficient. Any treatment therefore is incomplete without addressing the nutritional aspect of health care.

Treating with pain killers and Calcium supplements is not enough. Instead we must address Sluggish liver, Constipation, Nutritional Deficiencies, Mental and Emotional stress in a holistic manner.

The Homeopath believes in combining Homeopathy and Nutritional supplements along with adequate attention to mental and emotional stress. That we believe can bring a smile back on a women’s face!