Liver & Gall bladder

We commonly believe that Liver and gall bladder primarily helps in digestion and absorption of food in our body. Ironically, not many know that it also is the primary organ of detoxification.

In fact Liver is far most important organ after Heart for survival. It handles all chemical activity in our body.

That makes it the most toxic organ in our body simply because it handles and helps in removing all the toxic end product from various metabolic processes in the body.

When Liver is excessively burdened it results in Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis of Liver. Fatty Liver is a reversible condition but Cirrhosis is incurable and fatal disease.

Gall bladder plays the role in digestion of Fat in our food. The bile produced in Liver gets concentrated in Gall Bladder and is released when we consume a fatty meal. Many of us consume poor quality and deoxygenated oil in our food. After having such unhealthy practice we develop gall stones.

What are factors which increase this toxic load on the liver?

What are the signs and symptoms of toxic Liver?

What can we do to maintain good liver functioning?

Gall Stones

“FAIR, FAT, FERTILE, FLATULENT (gas), FEMALE OF FOURTY”. This is the most susceptible group to develop Gall stones. They become even more vulnerable if they have diet which is rich in fat, especially smoked / burnt oil as it is common in Indian cooking. Ex: SAMOSA, VADA, PAKORAS, MIXTURES etc.

Even after gall stones are removed these people suffer from various degrees of digestive issues like CONSTIPATION, GAS IN ABDOMEN, ACIDITY etc.

Role of Homeopathy

Type-I Homeopathy can be very helpful, as apart from treating constitutionally I employ organ specific remedies like Cardus Marinus, Cheledonium etc which can greatly add in removing toxin and healing Liver cells.

Additionally, I do spend significant amount of time and effort in counseling and advices on effect of food and lifestyle modification.

PS : We commonly see Hepatitis A, B, C etc in clinic. Additionally we have Amoebic Liver abscess, Hydatid cyst etc.

Hence it is important to note that we must evaluate a condition critically involving blood / urine test and ultrasonography of abdomen.

Upon discovering any of the critical issue mentioned above it should be treated in conjunction with good Allopathic facility.

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