Metabolic Syndrome - Obesity, Diabetes, Cholesterol, BP & Impotency

Metabolic Syndrome Treatment in Bangalore

Metabolic Syndrome is a complex dysfunction rendering millions of male, weak mentally, physically as well as sexually. Desk Job, Pizza for food, Cinema for recreation seem to be directly responsible. Tobacco and Alcohol consumption fuel the fire which not only destroys a man's body but his self respect as well.

Signs and symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

How to tackle Metabolic Syndrome?

TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) coupled with Homeopathy

It may not be possible to completely reverse metabolic syndrome, as it is part of our degenerative process. However with a combination of steps tracker, simple changes in food practices, stress counselling and medicines ( combination of Allopathy & Homeopathy ) lot can be improved.


Human being started cooking about 1/2 million years ago. Ever since, we have gradually mastered the art of abusing it. Time has come to unlearn some of our methods and reflect on practices where we have gone wrong. In other words, a moderate increase in uncooked food can do us a lot of good.

Stress Bursting

Mental and Emotional stress

A reality check on one's life by evaluating our state of happiness is a good place to start. Many a times and for most people the need of the hour is to reboot our lives and address issues which are challenging and stressful. So we must keep under check whether, "in pursuit of success, are we trading our health?" If so, we must decide, "How much is too much?"

Physical stress

Physical Activity : lack of sufficient activity causes stress. Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming - all these help fight stress and improve body metabolism. However Brisk walking is the best.

Step tracker : we need to walk 10,000 steps everyday. These modern step trackers help you reach that goal. A simple step tracker will not only tell you exact numbers taken but will also motivate you to do more in case you fall short of reaching your daily target.


To help the body recover from day to day stress, we should sleep for 7+ hours daily. Additionally, the quality of sleep can be improved by making physical health better. It has been observed in my practice that, when I treated patients for their stomach related issues, their quality of sleep improved.

At The Homeopath, we use an effective module to treat metabolic syndrome by combining concepts of good food practices, stress counselling, activity counselling, micro nutrient support and medical Homeopathy.

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