To Be Fit

What is fitness ?

It is the ability to walk / run for a long time without needing to eat, drink or to rest. This ability / fitness is directly responsible for a disease free and long life.

Why should I do it ?

Only if you remain fit, you can enjoy the fruits of your success, which usually comes after 45 yrs of age.

Who should need it ?

Primarily people who are above 45 years of age.

What is the goal ?

The goal is to become fit and remain disease free for a long time with minimal amount of Allopathic medicine.

How to achieve FITNESS ?

One can become fit by employing a combination of proper exercise ( heart rate monitored ), correct diet, proper sleep and a happy mind.

If this is combined with minimal amount of constitutional Homeopathy, it has a multiplier effect.

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To be fit
To be fit
To be fit